Saturday, October 24, 2009

That was quick

I finished knitting my Shalom cardigan today, the reincarnation of the yarn that was once Tubey. Lovely pattern, quick knit thanks to yarn held double, 6.5mm needles, and no sleeves. I knit it in far fewer rows than it was written for, both because I was not getting row gauge at all and because the pattern writer noted that she is very tall, and I'm average height. I cut out 2 rows in each ribbing section on the yoke and 2 rows between each increase and decrease on the body. I think that did the trick quite nicely. It just took a quick warm bath and is currently pinned to a towel on the couch. The one downside to this sweater: tons, and I mean tons, of ends to weave in. There's a total of about 8 skeins in there, but since it was harvested yarn, there are more than 16 ends. Not thinking about that yet. What I should be thinking about is my NSF fellowship application. Or my aerosols & air pollution test on Tuesday. Not thinking about those either though! Just enjoying having (almost) finished a real garment that I will enjoy wearing.

Just a peek for now:

I need a new camera sometime in the near future...

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  1. WOW...the harvest just happened, and look, it already morphed into a new thing! And a warm new thing at that! Awesome, and good luck with the fellowship app and the quiz Tuesday!