Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Bake

My spring break looked something like this:

Challah from smitten kitchen.
I'm extremely proud of my 6-strand braid. I found the braiding instructions in the recipe didn't really work for me, so I used a YouTube video. This made Easter dinner grilled cheese sandwiches for my Auntie Connie and me, and the last bit of the loaf made excellent French toast when it had started to go a little stale. It also makes an excellent snack toasted or not with butter, peanut butter, blueberry jam, or Nutella.

Snickerdoodles from smitten kitchen.
Let's just say mmmm, cookies, and leave it at that.

Peter Reinhart's Bagels, via smitten kitchen (sensing a trend yet?).
I love that I went on a Jewish-carb-fest during Passover. I think this is my best bagel attempt yet; third time's the charm. Note though: the full recipe doesn't fit in a KitchenAid mixer. Cut it in half or get ready to knead a lot. I don't mind kneading massive amounts of bread dough by hand. When I made bread for Old B dinners, I would never use the big mixer for my batches containing about 36 cups of flour, but I was a little out of practice. My upper arms were tired.

Grandmothers of Sils' Apple Yogurt Cake. I'm not even going to tell you where I got the recipe, because if you can't guess, you have not been paying attention.
I am highly afraid of black licorice, so I left out the Sambuca. I added some Lady Grey tea instead, but you couldn't really taste it in the final product. I might try orange juice next time, and oh will there ever be a next time. This cake is amazing. Just eat it plain, any time of day. It has apples and yogurt in it. It's healthy. It can be breakfast.

Coming up next: a few updates on my life, some recent knitting, and the world's best early-spring salad.